4 Helpful Packing Tips When Moving Abroad

Moving abroad is exciting and thrilling, but a lot of people don’t enjoy packing for the move.

Packing-tips-moving-abroadLucky for you, there are a number of packing tips when moving abroad that you can keep in mind. Below are a few of those tips.

1. Make A List Of Essentials

Before you pack anything into your suitcase, make sure you make a list of the essentials you want to bring with you. Essentials are the things you absolutely need and these are the items you want to make sure you pack. Once you make a list of essentials, which you should do about a 1-2 weeks before you actually pack, it will make packing a lot easier. Try to make sure your list of essentials isn’t too big because you want to make sure you have plenty of room to pack non-essential items.

2. Pack The Right Clothing

A lot of people move abroad and they only bring clothes they think they will need. For example, if a person moves abroad to a place that is known for being warm year-round, they may pack strictly shorts and short sleeved shirts and other summer clothing. However, you want to pack a little bit of everything because there may be chilly nights and things of that nature. Make sure you research what the climate is like before you move to your destination because this will give you a better idea of what you should pack.

3. Bring An Extra Suitcase

Don’t be afraid to bring an extra suitcase if you have too many things to carry, but you may have to pay extra baggage fees if you fly. However, if you can’t fit everything into one suitcase, then consider packing the rest into a carry on case. However, make sure that everything you can pack in there is allowed to be brought onto the plane, if you’re flying, and make sure you are able to carry it with you if you are travelling via other modes of transportation.

4. Pack One Room At A Time

When you have a month or two before you’re ready to move abroad, you will want to pack one room at a time and use medium to large size boxes. For example, you can pack up one room in the beginning of the week, another room in the middle of the week and one more room at the end of the week, or you can just pack 1-2 rooms per week. Don’t forget to throw away anything you don’t need because this will ensure you are only bringing what you actually need from your old home.

Those packing tips when moving abroad should help you out, but it is a good idea to hire a removal company because they can make the moving process much easier to do. In fact, there are removal companies that specialise in helping people who are moving abroad. With that said, keep the above tips in mind and you should have an easier time packing for your move.

Source: http://www.centralmoves.co.uk/2016/07/18/4-helpful-packing-tips-when-moving-abroad/


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